Frequently Asked Questions.

What are OkScan QR codes?

QR is short for Quick Response which can be read quickly by a cell phone's camera. They are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in to your cell phone. These codes can store (and digitally present) much more data than traditional bar codes, such as url links, geo coordinates, images, video, text and more. QR Codes is a universal code that was created in 1994 by the Japanese corporation Denso-Wave. QR codes have had great success in Japanese and European marketing campaigns. To scan these codes, your phone must have a camera and an app that can read QR codes. With a mobile phone like an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, you can easily scan these codes.

How do I create a QR code?

Simply sign up for a free account at OkScan. At this stage you will follow simple instructions for creating codes to link to a website, auto dial a phone number or send a text message. We make it extremely simple. When you upgrade, you'll be able to create codes for downloading media, email coupons, conduct surveys and more.

How do I get a QR reader for my phone?

There are free QR Code applications available in the iTunes App Store, the Blackberry store and Android Market. A QR reader comes pre-installed on Google Android phones.

How do I know if my phone supports QR codes?

First your phone needs to have a camera, it also needs a data plan or internet connection. If you have both, It is likely there is a QR reader for your phone.

How will my company benefit from QR codes?

OkScan QR codes have an upside for both mobile users and mobile marketing. They hold the ability to enhance the consumer experience as well as add a second dimension to marketing campaigns and consumer-branded interaction.

QR codes can be used in a number of ways to quickly communicate and interact with your customers. You can add them to any print advertisement, flyers, posters, TV ads, websites, physical objects, business cards, etc containing product details, contact details, offer details, event details, competitive details, coupon offers, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, link to your You Tube video and more.

Ultimately QR codes can be helpful to increase sales and customer service for any business. No matter if you are small or large, OkScan QR codes will link customers to relevant content automatically. QR codes give your customers on-demand mobile access to your content. The possibilities are endless.

Will my customers use it?

Yes. QR codes are new to the United States, but are growing in popularity. Customers with a greater "tech-know-how" are most likely to use it first. However with the growing usage of smart phones, there will be certainly a number of your clients inquisitive about what the QR code offers. Your customers are rapidly entering into a totally connected world with the use of smart phones. This is all blurring the lines between cell phones and the traditional internet. If your customers are always on an internet connection where ever they are soon will see a number of your customers taking advantage of this technology.

How much does it cost to create codes for my company?

Fees are based on your specific access level or customization packages. Rather than charging per use fee we charge a onetime set-up fee and price per month. This gives you unlimited number of codes you can generate, and unlimited number of scans. The end user is not charged to use your codes. For pricing, please contact us for a detailed quote.

What mobile phones can OkScan codes be used on?

Mobile phones with a camera and internet connection with a QR reader will be able to scan the OkScan codes you created. There are millions of mobile phone users that already have QR Code capable applications on them. OkScan uses an open standard called a Quick Response or QR Code which is universal across the globe.

Why should I use OkScan for my mobile campaigns?

Our tools gives you instant access to create QR codes designed around your campaign. You can also create create download codes to be redeemed at your own site. We also offer advance features to combine QR code functions to fit exactly what you are looking to accomplish along with 24/7 data reports. Our services include media hosting and backup for your files and web content in a state of the art fully redundant network data center with no single point of failure.

Can I brand my content on OkScan's platform?

Yes. You can use HTML, JAVA, PHP and other scripting languages.

Can I host content on OkScan's platform?

Yes. You can create surveys questions & collect the data and export information into your own CRM. You can host media files such as photos, videos and audio.

When I make OkScan QR codes, do you provide error correction?

Yes. You can set the quality of the image for best printing results depending on type of physical object you are printing the code on.

Can I track the results of my campaigns?

Yes. We provide you the ability to report on Geographic location, Date & Time of Scan, Survey Questions, Email Addresses, and other demographic information 24/7.

Are my codes print ready?

Yes. OkScan automatically generates high res quality ready to be printed by a professional printer or your office printer. We also provide printing services!

Does OkScan offer agent / reseller accounts?

Yes. Our service has the ability to be branded for your particular business and service offering. With our Agent membership, you can sign customers up with your own account, manage pricing, and manage users. Click Here for more information.

Does OkScan offer customized features?

Yes. Please contact us at so we can learn about what you want.

Does OkScan offer support?

Yes. We can walk you through the features, how to use them and ways to get the most out of OkScan services. If you ever need assistance, we are available via email, phone, skype and online meetings.

Does OkScan offer printing services?

Yes, our parent company TLF Graphics, Inc. is a leading manufacture of product labels, decorative labels, pressure sensitive labels and signage company in the nation producing over 200 million different printing products a year for some of the largest corporations in the world. Our technology and the quality of our products can be found on a countless number brands such as Sunkist, Ford, John Deere, Maytag, Strohmann's, Thomas' and more. Creating solutions that allow your business to effectively communicate your information to your audience is what we do really well. So yes, if you need any types of printing services to accommodate your QR code marketing campaign, please contact us at and we will help you out.